El Salvador - SalvaNATURA (SN)

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in 1989
500 members
Staff: 90
Finca Vista Alegre Km 3 ½, Planes de Randeros, San Salvador, SV


Mission of the organisation

Our mission is to contribute to the recovery and conservation of the environment and natural resources, in order to achieve sustainable development, and improve the quality of life in El Salvador and the Mesoamerican region.

Key Activities

  • To contribute to the protection and restoration of El Salvador’s natural areas.
  • To promote conservation of biodiversity in our country.
  • To develop activities which are directed toward the protection and improvement of water resources and to promote alternatives for effective solid waste management.
  • To promote attitude changes in the public towards the environment through environmental education activities.
  • Research and monitoring of biodiversity: contribution to scientific knowledge of local flora and fauna
  • To foster environmental and social changes in the coffee industry
  • The protection and improvement of water resources with a focus on micro-watershed management
  • Management of two of the countries priority natural areas (El Imposible and Los Volcanes national parks), creating successful business models for each one.
  • Engaged a local real estate company to finance the operational costs of Los Volcanes, with a minimum commitment of $500,000 for a 5 year pilot period.
  • Montecristo NP: Long term management plan and biodiversity monitoring.(Honduras, Guatemala y El Salvador).
  • Rio Sapo Private Reserve
  • Unique regional program with the objective of becoming a resource for scientific information about biodiversity for northern Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua).
  • Rapid ecologic assesment of Trifinio cloud forest (Gua and Hon)
  • Three wattled bell-bird research in Sierra de Agalta-Honduras
  • Pine-oak forest conservation in Mesoamerica
  • Reintroduction of the Scarlet Macaw in the El Imposible-Barra de Santiago basin.
  • Ecology of the Golden cheeked warbler in Central America
  • Generating environmental awarenessTargeting diverse audiences, mainly rural audiences, through workshops, talks and environmental education materials related to biodiversity, water, soil, protected areas and lately climate change issues. 
  • Promoting good practices in agriculture. SalvaNATURA works within the coffee market, encouraging environmentally friendly and socially responsible products certified by the Rainforest Alliance and verified CAFÉ practices by STBX.

Recent Achievements

  • Environmental education: the production of educational materials and support for the development of grassroots resources to strengthen the environmental conscience of the Salvadoran people
  • Land assets worth $500,000 (El Imposible and Rio Sapo)
  • National Environmental Prize: 1998, 2003 y 2006
  • Ones Mediterranea recognition in Spain 2005
  • More than 20,000 hectares of coffee involved in sustainable changes
  • To date 232 RA certified farms and many others in process
  • An estimated 120,000 qq of RA certified coffee will be exported in this harvest
  • Member of SAN, IUCN-International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Birdlife International, Sustainable Tourism  Certification Network of the Americas, NatureServe
  • 7 peer-reviewed publications for 2007, plus 11 to be submitted
  • Partnered with CARE El Salvador, and two other local NGOs, to carry out an $18 MM USAID funded project destined to target 18 municipalities in regards to access and sustainable management of potable water in poor and isolated communities in three provinces. (1999-2005)
  • Created a model for integrated water management with a focus on watersheds.

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