Belize Audubon Society (BAS)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in: 1969
Members: 1700
Staff: 45
Address: PO Box 1001, 12 Fort Street, Belize City, BZ
Email: base@btl.net
Web: www.belizeaudubon.org

Mission of the organisation

Belize Audubon Society's mission is to promote the sustainable use and preservation of natural resources through leadership and strategic partnerships in order to maintain a balance between people and the environment. This is similar to BirdLife's mission and BAS is, therefore, committed to the mission and strategy of BirdLife.

Key Activities

  • Scientific research
  • Data collection & analysis
  • Belizean park management and protection
  • Lobbying & advocacy
  • Land management of 8 reserves with over 61,000 hectares
  • Management and protection of seven terrestrial protected areas and two marine protected areas
  • Advocating for protection of birds and their habitats within identified IBAs
  • Environmental conservation, environmental advocacy
  • Oversees policy making processes critical to protected areas and the protection of ecosystems, plant life, animals, and marine life within those areas.
  • Advocacy programs to create strong conservation ethics in Belizeans
  • Provides stakeholder communities with community development initiatives, alternative livelihoods, community empowerment and voice.
  • Public relations and education activities Education for Sustainability programme
  • Public awareness and education activities at youth camps in the Protected Areas
  • Cleaning campaigns
  • Urban bird watching 
  • Monthly presentations on current environmental issues
  • Internships at its Protected Areas
  • BAS’s annual spring and Christmas bird counts help to identify and monitor threatened bird species.

Recent Achievements

  • Identification of six IBAs
  • Continued active management of eight nature reserves, exploring opportunities for multiple-stakeholder management of these sites
  • Participated and supported the development of the National Systems Policy and Plan for protected areas in 2005
  • Initiated a three-year environmental education project to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable development at two buffer zone communities, using the Education for Sustainability approach
  • Continued a strategic alliance to advocate for national land policy reform

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