Aves Argentinas (AOP)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1916
Members: 2700
Staff: 24
Matheu 1246, Buenos Aires, AR

address: Matheu 1246/8, C1249AAB, Buenos Aires

Mission of the organisation

Aves Argentinas' mission is the the conservation of wild birds and their habitats. Its vision is to increase awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation through advocacy, education, publicity and research, with special attention to birds which, as environmental indicators, help to improve our quality of life.

Key Activities

  • IBA Programme
  • Argentina Seabird Programme
  • Urban Nature Reserves
  • El Bagual Nature Reserve (jointly with Alparamis)
  • Argentinian School of Naturalists
  • Courses on birdwatching
  • Activities for Members