Aves Argentinas (AOP)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1916
970 members
Staff: 15
Matheu 1246, Buenos Aires, AR

address: Matheu 1246/8, C1249AAB, Buenos Aires

Mission of the organisation

Aves Argentinas' mission is the the conservation of wild birds and their habitats. Its vision is to increase awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation through advocacy, education, publicity and research, with special attention to birds which, as environmental indicators, help to improve our quality of life.

Key Activities

  • IBA Programme
  • Argentina Seabird Programme
  • Urban Nature Reserves
  • El Bagual Nature Reserve (jointly with Alparamis)
  • Argentinian School of Naturalists
  • Courses on birdwatching
  • Activities for Members

Recent Achievements

The main highlights of Aves Argentinas for 2006, the year of its 90th anniversary, are:

  • Extended and renovated its headquarters
  • "High-flying Journalism" open contest, together with La Nación Journal
  • Edition of the Birds of Acambuco, Salta, jointly with PanAmerican Energy (BP in Argentina)
  • Visitors Center of Otamendi Nature reserve in Campana, Province of Buenos Aires (design, setting up and opening, along with Administración de Parques Nacionales)
  • Bird observatory in Costanera Sur Reserve, an ideal space for birdwatchers and naturalists where 297 bird species are found, in the heart of Buenos Aires city
  • "Important Areas for Bird Conservation" CD-ROM and online version
  • Grasslands of Mercosur, a transnational project to work with farmers, provincial governments in alliance with Guyra Paraguay, Aves Uruguay and Save Brazil
  • El Bagual Nature Reserve, in Formosa Province, in the heart of the Chaco - Aves Argentinas are outlining a management plan that will guide its management work for the coming years
  • Action plans at the coastal sites of San Antonio Oeste, Río Gallegos and Río Grande
  • Seminar on “Tourism and Nature Conservation” held by the Argentina School for Naturalists with the support of the Argentine Senate
  • The landmark of 1,000 paying members was reached
  • Renewed its web site to furnish more information about birds and their habitats
  • Birds Festival 2006, more participating provinces are likely to be added
  • BirdLife International's World Bird Conference 2008: Aves Argentinas are making the first arrangements as the host organisation for this exciting congress

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