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The BirdLife Americas Partnership is a growing network of national conservation NGOs spanning North and South America. We are working for integrated conservation of birds from the Canadian tundra to Tierra del Fuego. There are BirdLife Partners in nineteen countries and territories in the Americas. Read more...


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19 April 2017 - Walk amongst penguins in groundbreaking VR film

For the first time, digital audiences can be transported to a sub-Antarctic penguin colony to immerse themselves in the lives of penguin species, thanks to a new 3D 360-degree film launched today, produced with Visualise for BirdLife International’s “Protect a Penguin” global campaign.


Seabirds such as the Wandering Albatross will benefit from the new measures © vladsilver/Shutterstock

20 February 2017 - Argentina approves measures to save seabirds 

The use of measures to prevent seabird bycatch deaths has just been approved by the Argentinean government—a decision that will save the lives of thousands of seabirds. Read in English or Spanish.


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