Chimanimani mountains KBA.  Photo: Julian Bayliss




Ecosystem Profile:

-English (PDF 4MB) 

Appendix 1: Species Outcomes (PDF - 102 KB)

Appendix 3: Species per KBAs​ (XLSX - 135 KB)​


Ecosystem Profile Summary Brochure:

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- French (PDF 2.6MB)

- Arabic (PDF 1.1MB) 

Portuguese (PDF - 700 KB)

CEPF Investment Strategy and Programmatic Focus:

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-French (PDF 1.5MB)




SASA bulletin (CEPF Eastern Afromontane e-bulletin):

- March 2013 e-bulletin

August 2013 e-bulletin

January 2014 e-bulletin

May 2014 e-bulletin

February 2016 e-bulletin  


Fundraising manual

Second revised edition, supported by CEPF, the Conservation Leadership Programme, and La FIBA (French edition):

- English (7.9 MB)

- French (14 MB)

Arabic (PDF, 2MB)  


Project reports

All final completion reports for CEPF-funded projects in the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot can be found here

Lessons learned from other CEPF-funded projects, worldwide can be found here   



Full map

Eastern Afromontane - Conservation Outcomes

Complete set of Google Earth maps of the Eastern Afromontane hotspot

Corridors & Key Biodiversity Areas (ZIP 5.4MB)




Corridor maps (priority)

Arabian Peninsula Highlands

Chimanimani-Nyanga Mountains

Greater Mahale Landscape

Itombwe-Nyungwe Landscape

Lake Tana Catchment

Mount Kabobo-Margungu Highlands

Northern Lake Nyassa Catchments

Corridor Maps (non-priority)

Bale Mountains

Greater Virunga-Murchison Landscape

Kilimanjaro-Meru-North Pare Mountains

Mount Kenya-Aberdare Mountains

Udzungwa-Uluguru Mountains

Usambara-South Pare Mountains



Tips and resources for CEPF grantees


Toolkits for project management:

An excellent conservation project management guide from the Conservation Leadership programme: here (you will also find there the fundraising guide in four languages!)


EU toolkit for the evaluation of communication activities: here

From the CEPF website:

CEPF FAQ: here

CEPF communications kit for grantees: here

CEPF photo guidance for grantees: here

CEPF procurement flowchart: here

CEPF safeguards guidelines: here

CEPF operational manual: here

Thanks to our colleagues at the Caribbean RIT:

Some great tips on 'conflicts of interest': in English here and in French  

More hot tips - demystifying the 'CEPF procurement policy': in English here and in French here

Other useful links and resources 

CEPF EAM website:

CEPF documents and resources:

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Project summaries 

Summaries of all projects funded by CEPF in the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot can be found here

You can also pownload the PDF document with all project descriptions, including maps, here (PDF, 2.88MB)