Rwanda - Association pour la Conservation de la Nature au Rwanda (ACNR)

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in 1992
Members: 158
Staff: 8
PO Box 4290, Kigali, RW


Mission of the organisation

  • Public awareness creation on the importance of Biodiversity and its conservation. Participation in the promotion of research and knowledge of fauna and flora and the functioning of natural ecosystems. Sustainable management of natural heritage of Rwanda
  • Set-up to operate in the whole of Rwanda, ACNR currently operates in Kigali, Nyungwe forest located in GIKONGORO, CYANGUGU and KIBUYE prefectures and BUTARE areas. The Association also has clubs in various parts of the country

Key Activities

  • Creation of Nature Clubs in primary and secondary schools. These have also participated in national and international environment related activities such as Environment week, and the Nile Basin Initiative
  • Publication of regular newsletter and information magazine - Le Nectar, the voice of the Nature friends
  • Preparation of Educational manual on environment in Kinyarwanda
  • Attendance of local and international meetings
  • Participation in National and international environment related activities
  • Press releases on environmental events such as World Wetland Day

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