Malawi - Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi (WESM)

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in 1947
Members: 200
Staff: 16
Private Bag 578, LIMBE, MW

Mission of the organisation

The vision of WESM is for all people in Malawi to co-exist in harmony with wildlife and the natural environment.

WESM's mission is to be the leading membership organization promoting public participation in the wise management of wildlife, natural resources and the environment in Malawi.


Key Activities

WESM is working to conserve and increase the population and ranges of wildlife including the restoration of sites of local, national and international importance in Malawi.

Much of WESM's work relates to the integration of wildlife and natural resource management for the mutual benefit of people and wildlife in Malawi by 2010.

Internally, WESM is working toward being an efficient, effective and self-financing membership organization, advocating for wise use of wildlife and natural resources.