Liberia - The Society for Conservation of Nature in Liberia (SCNL)

BirdLife Affiliate

P.O. Box 2628, 1000Monrovia, 10Liberia, Monrovia, LR


Mission of the organisation

Promote nature conservation, support the establishment of a protected area network, encourage good governance of natural resource management and increase public participation in biodiversity conservation.

Key Activities

  • Building institutional capacities in government and civil society for effective natural resource management
  • Strengthening local, national and regional capacities through training for biodiversity conservation
  • Establishing and supporting Site Support Groups (SSGs) at Important Bird Areas (IBAs) around the country
  • Promoting conservation education and public awareness of the importance of the economic, environmental, aesthetic and cultural values of natural resources including advocacy for the creation of a protected area network and species protection
  • Improving alternative livelihood opportunities for communities around protected areas for poverty alleviation


  • Became an Affiliate of Birdlife International

Steps to Make SCNL Effective and Efficient

  • Amended the constitution
  • Developed a 5-Year Strategic Plan for SCNL that identified opportunities, weaknesses and strengths
  • Developed financial and administrative policies for the organisation
  • Finalised plans to revamp the membership scheme
  • Established a sound financial management control system

Capacity Building

  • Eighteen out of twenty-seven nationals have been trained in tropical biodiversity survey techniques with focus on mammals, birds and plants. The training is sponsored by the Darwin Initiative Project entitled Strengthening Capacity for Biodiversity Conservation in West Africa

Conservation Education And Awareness Raising

  • Five protected wildlife billboards were installed in strategic locations around Monrovia
  • 300 bumper stickers with messages warning of the effects of wanton slaughter of wildlife were designed, printed and distributed to the public
  • A series of radio interviews and talk shows focused on environmental issues and natural resource management were held
  • Over 10,000 posters depicting project wildlife species of Liberia were distributed to schools and the public

Working With Local Communities In Conservation

  • Site Support Groups (SSGs) established in five communities/villages around the Sapo National Park (one of the nine IBAs identified)
  • Providing material support (farming tools and equipment) to the five SSGs at Sapo, in order to improve their food and income generating capacities

Biodiversity Conservation Monitoring Activities

  • Three IBAs have been surveyed and results documented for protecting a network of sites critical for the conservation of threatened birds. Monitoring is on-going
  • A survey of the Wenegizi Mountain recorded the nesting site is of the globally threatened White-neck Picathartes Picathartes gymnocephalus, a flagship species that occurs in very small numbers in Liberia

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