Ghana - Wildlife Society (GWS)

BirdLife Partner

P O Box 13252, Accra, GH


Mission of the organisation

Aims to promote the conservation, protection, management and wise use of wildlife in all its forms (plants, animals and their habitats)

Key Activities

  • Waterbirds and wetlands monitoring;
  • Important Bird Areas;
  • Turtle Conservation Programme;
  • Community based projects to develop local natural resources for sustainable utilization for local communities;
  • School and Community Education and Public Awareness Creation.

Recent Achievements

  • Completed the identification of IBAs and started work on producing a national inventory of them
  • Continued to run five community-based natural resource conservation projects.
  • Made good progress with the coastal wetlands management project: more wildlife clubs were established and Ramsar regulations are more widely implemented
  • Held a second Youth Parliament on the Environment for the 35,000 membership of the Wildlife Clubs of Ghana. Wide media publicity was generated and a formal memorandum was presented to the Ghana Parliamen
  • Began two community conservation projects, the Mount Afadjato Community Forest Conservation Project and the Amansuri Conservation and Integrated Development Project. The latter is initiated by the local community with support from the GWS and located at an IBA.
  • Succeeded in obtaining government support for the effective implementation of the site action phase of the IBA project. A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the GWS and the Forestry Commission who has jurisdiction over most of the identified IBAs in Ghana.

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