Egypt - Nature Conservation Egypt

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in 2005
Members: 39
Staff: 2
56A Mahrousa St, Aguouza, 1st Floor, Apt 20, Giza, EG
Tel: 202 33045140; Fax: 202 33031584

Mission of the organisation

Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the conservation of Egypt’s natural heritage. The NCE seeks to complement and augment the conservation work of its national and international partners. It achieves these aims through conservation, lobbying and with applied studies, awareness raising activities and by the promotion, funding and demonstration of practical conservation measures.


Key Activities

  • Nature Conservation
  • Biodiversity Enhancement
  • Sustainable Development

Main contact persons
1- Executive Coordinator: Noor Noor 
2- Programs and Communication Coordinator: Usama Ghazali

Board of Directors:
Ms. Dominique Krayenbuhl -
Mr. Khalil Nasrallah -
Dr. Omar Attum -
Dr. Mostafa Fouda -
Dr. Sherif Baha El Din - 

Communications officer:
Muhammad El Quessny -

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