Djibouti - Djibouti Nature

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in 1999
Members: 495
Staff: 3
Nasser A. Othman Building, Marabou - Djibouti, P. O. Box 3088, Djibouti, DJ
Tel:+253 2135 6921

Mission of the organisation

Contribute the conservation efforts, sustainable management and appreciation of nature in Djibouti to improve the livelihoods of people. This shall be achieved by:

  • Carrying out of environmental education and awareness rising campaigns.
  • Conducting of scientific researches and studies.
  • Promoting sustainable development projects for local community in rural areas.
  • Disseminating of knowledge on birds and biodiversity to the stakeholders and to wider public.

Key Activities

  • Species conservation programmes (i.e. Djibouti Francolin, Egyptian Vulture, Beira Antelope, etc…)
  • Promotion of important bird and biodiversity areas (IBAs) and the urgent implement action as protected area.
  • Capacity building (i.e. local community volunteers’ training, support site groups’ setting up, etc…).
  • Public environmental education and awareness rising programme (i.e. environmental education tools for elementary schools).
  • Eco-talks, conferences and nature walks for our members, students and general public
  • Advocacy work with national, regional government authorities and local communities.
  • Publication and dissemination of researches, conservation projects and nature excursions.

Recent Achievements

  •  Organised a workshop to initiate the process of developing a National Raptor Conservation and Management Strategy for Djibouti.
  • Continued to organise public conservation awareness through eco-talks, conferences and production and dissemination of elementary environmental education materials and launched the first Djibouti elementary environmental education booklet (Environmental Education at the Horn of Africa). 190 elementary school teachers attended, 5000 booklets and 300 DVDs donatated.
  • Set up a Site Support Group (SSGs) at “Forêt du Day’s IBAs”, the stronghold of the Critically Endangered Djibouti Francolin.
  • Trained local community volunteers to work on the IBA Programme at “Forêt du Day’s IBAs”.
  • Spring migratory soaring raptor counts focussing on Egyptian vultures have been completed and report disseminated. Survey revealed that urgent conservation works are needed to understand threats.
  • Hosted the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre & Network 3rd Annual meeting in Djibouti


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