Cameroon - Biodiversity Conservation Society (CBCS)

BirdLife Affiliate

Members: 70
Staff: 3
CO BP 3055, Messa, Yaounde, CM

Mission of the organisation

The conservation of biological diversity through the protection of Birds and natural Habitats, as well as the promotion of wildlife study and enjoyment for the benefit of people.


Key Activities


  • CBCS has help created and is mentoring a network of IBA Site Support Groups in a number of region across Cameroon
  • CBCS is implementing an indigenous people capacity building project for Biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement
  • CBCS has establish very goo working relationship with Cameroon government agencies in charge for Biodiversity conservation (Ministry of Forest and Wildlife and the Ministry of Environment and protection of Nature) lobbying for Biodiversity conservation priority setting across the country using birds as toll for identifying priority areas for conservation.
  • CBCS is working with the ministry of social affair on their program for marginalized minority groups for improving their living condition and promoting sustainable use of natural resources

Did you know?