Nyungwe National Park

KBA NameCountryKBA NumberSpecies Scientific NameTaxa GroupIUCN Cat.Single Site
Nyungwe National ParkRwandaRWA4Afrixalus orophilusAMPHIBIAVUN
Apalis argenteaAVESENN
Bradypterus graueriAVESENN
Callixalus pictusAMPHIBIAVUN
Cercopithecus hamlyniMAMMALIAVUN
Cercopithecus lhoestiMAMMALIAVUN
Cercopithecus mitisMAMMALIALCN
Cryptospiza shelleyiAVESVUN
Glaucidium albertinumAVESVUN
Hyperolius castaneusAMPHIBIAVUN
Hyperolius discodactylusAMPHIBIAVUN
Muscicapa lenduAVESVUN
Nectarinia rockefelleriAVESVUN
Phodilus prigogineiAVESENN
Phrynobatrachus acutirostrisAMPHIBIAVUN
Phrynobatrachus bequaertiAMPHIBIAVUN
Phrynobatrachus versicolorAMPHIBIAVUN
Rhinolophus hilliMAMMALIACRY
Rhinolophus maclaudiMAMMALIAENN
Thamnomys kempiMAMMALIAVUN
Thamnomys venustusMAMMALIAVUN


This table includes a list of trigger species found in this KBA (these are species fulfilling either vulnerability or irreplaceability criteria as described in chapter 4 of the Ecosystem Profile, available here). 
   IUCN categories   
   CRCritically Endangered 
   NTNear Threatened 
   LCLeast Concerned 
   NENot Evaluated 
   DDData Deficient 
   LRLow Risk (ante 1994 assessment) 
The KBA number refers to the Conservation Outcomes, Eastern Afromontane map available here (BirdLife website, download)


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