25 Apr 2013

Interesting raft adventure through West Africa's park of peace

By Venancia.Ndoo

 The British adventurer Will Millard is preparing for a daring descent of the Moro and Mano rivers which form the international boundary between Sierra Leone and Liberia. The journey is roughly 100 miles in total but there is really no telling how long it will take. Will reports that his initiative formed when he stumbled across a report titled: ‘a Trans boundary Peace Park for Sierra Leone and Liberia’. The report had been submitted the previous year and had since gained funding from the European Union.  The project, managed by BirdLife International and VBN (BirdLife The Netherlands), and implemented by the RSPB (BirdLife UK), SCNL (BirdLife Liberia), CSSL (BirdLife Sierra Leone) and the forestry departments of the two countries aims to join the forest reserves straddling the shared borders of Sierra Leone and Liberia into one 200,000-hectare chunk of protected forest. If successful it would offer shelter to at least ten species of rare primates including chimps, Diana monkeys, Colobus and Mangabeys, as well as hundreds of other endemic species of mammal, bird, plant and reptile. 


The Royal Geographical Society was offering a grant with a broadcast on BBC Radio 4 under the appropriate “Journey of a Lifetime” title and Will seized the opportunity to pitch his idea – and was lucky enough to win! Read more about this adventure here.