Mount Namuli

KBA NameCountryKBA NumberSpecies Scientific NameTaxa GroupIUCN Cat.Single Site
Mount NamuliMozambiqueMOZ6Alethe choloensisAVESENN
Alloeochaete namuliensisPLANTCRY
Aloe torreiPLANTENY
Crotalaria namuliensisPLANTCRY
Crotalaria torreiPLANTCRY
Deinbollia nyasicaPLANTENN
Digitaria appropinquataPLANTVUY
Dombeya lastiiPLANTNEY
Euphorbia namuliensisPLANTNEY
Gnidia chapmaniiPLANTNEY
Impatiens psychadelphiodesPLANTVUN
Indigofera namuliensisPLANTNEY
Isoglossa namuliensisPLANTCRY
Lobelia blantyrensisPLANTNEY
Modulatrix orostruthusAVESVUN
Paraxerus vincentiMAMMALIAENY
Pavetta gurueënsisPLANTNEY
Plectranthus guruensisPLANTCRY
Plectranthus mandalensisPLANTNEY
Polystachya kaluluensisPLANTNEY
Pyrostria chapmaniiPLANTVUN
Rhynchosia clivorumPLANTNEY
Rhynchosia torreiPLANTNEY
Sclerochiton hirsutusPLANTNEY
Senecio peltophorusPLANTNEY
Stachys didymanthaPLANTNEY
Tephrosia whyteanaPLANTNEY
Xerophyta splendensPLANTNEY
Xyris makuensisPLANTNEY


This table includes a list of trigger species found in this KBA (these are species fulfilling either vulnerability or irreplaceability criteria as described in chapter 4 of the Ecosystem Profile, available here). 
   IUCN categories   
   CRCritically Endangered 
   NTNear Threatened 
   LCLeast Concerned 
   NENot Evaluated 
   DDData Deficient 
   LRLow Risk (ante 1994 assessment) 
The KBA number refers to the Conservation Outcomes, Eastern Afromontane map available here (BirdLife website, download)