Livingstone Mountains Forests

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KBA Number

Species Scientific Name

Taxa Group


Single Site

Livingstone Mountains forests Tanzania TZA11 Duosperma livingstoniense PLANT NE Y
Hirundo atrocaerulea AVES VU N
Sheppardia lowei AVES VU N
This table includes a list of trigger species found in this KBA (these are species fulfilling either vulnerability or irreplaceability criteria as described in chapter 4 of the Ecosystem Profile, available here).
  IUCN categories     
CR Critically Endangered
EN Endangered
VU Vunerable
NT Near Threatened
LC Least Concerned
NE Not Evaluated
DD Data Deficient
LR Low Risk (ante 1994 assessment)
The KBA number refers to the Conservation Outcomes, Eastern Afromontane map available here (BirdLife website, download)