Lake Tanganyika

KBA NameCountryKBA NumberSpecies Scientific NameTaxa GroupIUCN Cat.Single Site
Lake TanganyikaBurundi, DR Congo, Tanzania & ZambiafwBRI2
Bathanalia howesiMOLLUSCAENY
Boulangerochromis microlepisFISHENN
Chambardia nyassaensisMOLLUSCAVUN
Hirthia littorinaMOLLUSCAENY
Lamprologus kungweensisFISHCRY
Lates angustifronsFISHENY
Lates mariaeFISHVUY
Lates microlepisFISHENN
Moncetia anceyiMOLLUSCADDN
Mutela soleniformisMOLLUSCADDN
Neolamprologus christyiFISHVUY
Neolamprologus schreyeniFISHVUY
Nyassunio ujijiensisMOLLUSCADDN
Pan troglodytesMAMMALIAENN
Reymondia tanganyicensisMOLLUSCAVUN
Simochromis margaretaeFISHVUY
Simochromis marginatusFISHVUY
Tanganyicia michelaeMOLLUSCAVUY
Tropheus duboisiFISHVUY
Tropheus polliFISHVUY
Xenotilapia burtoniFISHVUY


This table includes a list of trigger species found in this KBA (these are species fulfilling either vulnerability or irreplaceability criteria as described in chapter 4 of the Ecosystem Profile, available here). 
   IUCN categories   
   CRCritically Endangered 
   NTNear Threatened 
   LCLeast Concerned 
   NENot Evaluated 
   DDData Deficient 
   LRLow Risk (ante 1994 assessment) 
The KBA number refers to the Conservation Outcomes, Eastern Afromontane map available here (BirdLife website, download)


Additional Information:

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