26 Oct 2020

It is urgent to ban toxic lead shot in the EU

Responding to EU citizens’ concerns on the state of the environment, the alarming loss of biodiversity and protecting human health, MEPs should support the decision of the REACH Committee, following the opinion of the European Chemicals Agency, to ban lead shot in wetlands.  
Yellow Fever is one of many threats to the Northern Muriqui's survival © Rodrigo Silva
20 Oct 2020

How conservation can prevent future pandemics

In the midst of the COVID crisis, we're all wondering how we can stop this happening again. Two experts from our Conservation Leadership Programme offer their insights.
Europe's nature is disappearing under unsustainable farming and expanding towns.  The new State of Nature in the EU shows alarming figures
19 Oct 2020

The new State of Nature in the EU shows alarming figures

Today the European Environment Agency’s and the European Commission’s new reports on the State of Nature in the EU are being released.
The Mama-Mama gather to monitor the forests of Mbeliling © Muhammad Meisa
15 Oct 2020

From rural housewives to Mother Guards of the forest

Meet the “Mama-Mama Penjaga Mbeliling” – a group of Indonesian women who believe their duty of care extends far beyond just their children. Taking the future of the forest under their wing, they are unafraid to challenge destructive practices.
© Eleanor Hamilton
12 Oct 2020

Want to discover world's top wildlife habitats? This website has them

Where can you find out about the world’s most important sites for nature, and the reasons for their significance? The Key Biodiversity Area Partnership is delighted to announce the launch of its new website, containing everything you need to know about all 16,000 sites.
Knobbed Hornbill, BirdLife International

Become part of a worldwide community of nature lovers, and help to make a lasting impact

© Andre Schönherr
09 Oct 2020

Global Bird Weekend: how you can help birds by spotting them

Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th October is Global Bird Weekend, where people across the world will venture out to record as many birds as they can – and raise money for conservation while they’re doing it. Here’s why you should join in the fun.
Dr Ravinder Kaur, one of this year's 2020 Marsh Award winners © Sanjitpaal Singh/jitspics.com
08 Oct 2020

Double win for our Conservation Leadership alumni in Marsh Awards

We are delighted to announce that this year, two of the prestigious Marsh Awards have been given to alumni of our Conservation Leadership Programme. Hear from Dr Ravinder Kaur and Natia Javakhishvili as they share their remarkable stories and describe what winning a Marsh Award means to them.
07 Oct 2020

How’s nature doing? BirdLife joins momentous collaboration for EU State of

How can we secure a healthy, sustainable future for nature and people? What do we need to do, and when? In order to figure that out, we first need to understand how nature is doing right now.
06 Oct 2020

Environmental devastation: a crime against humanity?

We talk to Professor Philippe Sands, an international human rights barrister, about the origins of the right to a healthy natural environment, and why we must act now.
02 Oct 2020

Olive oil is no longer a threat for migratory birds

I am convinced that most of the rather complex and long-standing planetary problems of our age can be solved by looking onto our food plates. Let me explain why.

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Eugene Catholic Church © HIH Princess Takamado
01 Oct 2020

The Island of Anne of Green Gables

Explore the beautiful Canadian island that inspired the novel "Anne of Green Gables", where birds and history live side by side. From "Through the Lens”, Fujingaho Magazine, October, 2020.
Black-browed Albatross © Jessica Winter
30 Sep 2020

New report: birds provide hopeful message on targets to save nature

You may have heard about the world’s catastrophic failure to meet global biodiversity targets. But there's hope. A new landmark report from BirdLife International uses bird conservation successes to outline recommended solutions that could help the next set of targets to succeed.
Green Peafowl (Endangered) © Roger Smith / Flickr
29 Sep 2020

Latest research: how does human disturbance affect the lives of birds?

Join us for a bite-sized round-up of advances published in our journal Bird Conservation International. Highlights include insights into how human disturbance affects the feeding, breeding and overall health of bird populations.
© Smit / Shutterstock
24 Sep 2020

The only recovery is a green recovery

As businesses wake from hibernation and the world eases itself into something close to normal, global attention turns to economic recovery – but ignoring nature as part of these plans would be a huge error. Will the EU’s response be fit for purpose?
23 Sep 2020

Wetland birds win battle against lead-based hunting

In Europe, every year, 20,000 tons of lead hunting ammunition is shot into our natural environment, and more than one million waterbirds die from ingesting it. Lead shot is toxic for plants, soil, water; and even for the animals and humans who eat contaminated birds.
Arctic tern © Markus Varesvuo

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